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Although the bible has been translated several times, and I will admit that in different versions the meanings change slightly, the principles remain in tact. Personally, I've looked at the "original" meanings of some Greek words, and find that you can take even more from it that way, but that the ideas of salvation etc. it presents are practically identical to the ones in an English bible. It is translated by language scholars not google translate :P thanks for opening the discussion!

I completely agree that the basic morals that are portrayed through the bible are the same, but I don’t always agree with the small sentences that people choose to glorify, and I also don’t believe that everything in the bible happened exactly as it is portrayed. The bible can be a great guideline to live your life by, as long as you focus on the morals of the multiple different stories instead of the singular sentences, and too many people take one sentence from the bible and base their whole moral system off of that. I realize the bible was translated by English scholars and google translate is a poor substitute, but I was just trying to point out that translation can sometimes scramble the meaning of things and my only resource for translation was google translate.

Also- as a last note I would like to thank you for politely talking to me about it instead of getting angry! That means quite a bit on this website! I really appreciate it! And I loved hearing from someone with a different perspective! Thank you so much!

Let’s have a chat about the bible…

(DISCLAIMER: I’m not trying to insult anyone’s beliefs here! Please don’t hate me or unfollow, I just wanna chat! I would love to hear about whatever you believe in too! Send me a CALMLY worded message in my ask box! If you would like to have a chat! I’m always interested!)

The reason I can’t bring myself to trust to bible is the fact that it’s been translated from so many different languages. Quite often translating things makes them lose meaning or mean something completely different. I did an experiment once with google translate where I typed in the sentence “the boy swam through the deep waters to the shore” I then proceeded to translate it into a random language. I then copied the translation and translated that into another random language. I continued this random process about 12 more times before I translated it back to English. When I did, it read “the man swam over the deep waves off the coast” the beginning of the sentence has just about the same meaning as the first, but what I have an issue with is “off the coast”. After translating it only a few times, the meaning of my sentence changed from the boy swimming to the shore, to him swimming away from it. I’m not saying that believing in the bible is wrong in any sort of way! I’m just saying why I don’t. Thanks for reading this with an open mind!




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